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The placement statistics of the top institutes are placed here. Check with statistics and the reference links provided for the same for more information. Most of the data is taken from the official website of the respective institutes and few of the data is collected from other sources (like news, friends, colleagues, etc.). This information might help you in selecting the institutes as per the placement records.

IISC Bangalore

Placement Statistics for 2018-19 (

  • Highest CTCoffered : 40 LPA ( 3 offers )
  • Lowest CTCoffered : 12 LPA ( only one offer ), minimum ctc among all other offers were 15 LPA
  • Highest Base salaryoffered : 31 LPA ( 2 offers )
  • Lowest Base salaryoffered : 11.4 LPA
  • Average CTC :25 LPA
  • Average Base salary :17.5 LPA

During 2017–2018 the highest salary for M.Tech(CSA) was 38.10 lacs per annum(lpa), median 22 lpa, mean 22.77 lpa and lowest was 10 lacs. Out of 75 students, 13 students got salaries > 30 lacs and 45 students got > 20 lacs.

Past Recruiters: Microsoft, Adobe, Flipkart, Qualcomm, etc. 

IIT Madras (IIT-M)

Placement Statistics for 2018-19:

During 2017–2018:

  1. The highest salary for CSE was 95.87 lacs per annum(lpa), 
  2. The median 21 lpa and 
  3. The lowest was 7 lacs. 

In M.Tech CSE out of  40 registered students 37 got placed and 1 de registered.

Past Recruiters: Apple, Cisco Systems, Citrix, Dell, IBM, etc.

IIT Delhi (IIT-D)

During 2018–2019: 

  1. the highest salary for M.Tech was 39.00 lacs per annum(lpa), 
  2. median 15 lpa and 
  3. mean was 16.37 lacs. 

In M.Tech CSE  it was a 100% placement.

Past Recruiters: Amazon, Broadcom, Facebook, etc

IIT Bombay (IIT-B)

During 2018-19 

  1. the highest salary for M.Tech CSE was 44 lacs per annum, 
  2. average being 20-22 lacs.

Past Recruiters: Accenture, Wipro Technologies, Texas Instruments, HSBC, etc.

For older reports of placement:

IIT Kharagpur (IIT-KGP)

IIT Kanpur (IIT-K)

  • Highest CTCoffered : 25 LPA
  • Lowest CTCoffered : 8 LPA ( only one offer )
  • Average CTC :12 LPA

Past Recruiters: Adobe Systems, Samsung, Intel, Infosys, etc. 

IIT Roorkee

Placement Statistics for 2018-19:

  • Highest CTCoffered : 1.39Crore
  • Lowest CTCoffered : 10 LPA
  • Average CTC :18 LPA

Past Recruiters: E&Y, Deloitte, Genpact, KPMG, etc.

IIT Guwahati (IIT-G)

IIT Hyderabad (IIT-H)

  • Highest CTCoffered : 45LPA
  • Lowest CTCoffered : 13 LPA
  • Average CTC :16 LPA

Past Recruiters: Microsoft, Qualcomm, Goldman Sachs, etc.

IIT Gandhinagar

For the class of 2017, M.Tech placements have an average salary of around 7.2 LPA with the minimum salary being 6 LPA.

  • Lowest CTCoffered : 6 LPA
  • Average CTC :8 LPA

Past Recruiters: John Deere, Johnson Controls, Belcan India, Bombardier Transportation, etc.

IIT Bhubaneswar

During 2017-18 M.Tech placement closes to 60%. 

  • Highest CTCoffered : 39LPA
  • Average CTC :11 LPA

Past Recruiters: HCL, HPCL, IOCL, ISRO, Ittiam, etc.

IIT Bhilai

100% placement for M.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering).

Past Recruiters: Frugal Testing, BHEL, Zomato, etc.

IIT Patna

During the year 2018-19 the average package for M.Tech students was 9.18 lpa. Placement for M.Tech CS closes at 54%.

Past Recruiters: Google, CodeNation, Dolcera, NetApp, etc.

IIT Ropar

IIT Jammu

IIT Tirupati

(No Placement records yet)

IIT Dhanbad

IIIT Hyderabad

During 2018-19, 100% placement was recorded. 

  • Highest CTCoffered : 46LPA
  • Median CTCoffered : 20 LPA
  • Average CTC :8 LPA

Past Recruiters: Microsoft, Amazon, NVidia, VMware, Walmart etc.

IIIT Bangalore

For the year 2018-19,

  • Highest CTCoffered : 54LPA
  • Median CTCoffered : 15.97 LPA
  • Average CTC :17.55 LPA

Past Recruiters: PayPal, ThoughtSpot, Synopsys, HP, etc.

IIIT Bhubaneswar

IIIT Naya Raipur

NIT Tiruchirappalli

The placements for M.Tech CSE was 100% for the year 2017-18.

Past Recruiters: Aricent, Sun Microsystems, CA, Vmware, etc.

NIT Surathkal

The placements for M.Tech CSE and M.Tech CSE-IS were closed at 86% and 90% respectively in the year of 2016-17. In 2018-19 the highest packages went up to 40lpa and there were many companies offering in the range of 15-25 lpa as well.

Past Recruiters: Oracle, Huawei, Morgan Stanley, Intute, etc.

NIT Warangal

The placements for M.Tech CSE and M.Tech CSIS was closed at 100% and 83% respectively in the year 2017-18.

  • Highest CTCoffered : 40LPA
  • Median CTCoffered : 15.7 LPA
  • Average CTC :6 LPA

Past Recruiters: CDOT, Vmware, Teradata, Intel, Sify Corp, etc.

NIT Calicut 

The placements for M.Tech CSE and M.Tech CSIS was closed at 100% and 89% respectively in the year 2018-19.. 

  • Highest CTCoffered : 31.41LPA
  • Median CTCoffered : 14.11 LPA
  • Average CTC :6.61 LPA

Past Recruiters: Affirmed Networks, CGI, Factset, Itron, etc.

NIT Rourkela

(No information)

VNIT Nagpur

During 2018-19 10 students were placed in M.Tech CSE. The highest package was upto 15LPA and lowest being 6.5LPA.

Past Recruiters: Avaya, Marvell, TCS, etc.

MNNIT Allahabad

During the year 2017-18 90% placement was recorded for M.Tech CS students. The highest package was 22lpa and the average being 10lpa.

Past Recruiters: Vmware, Cdot, Qulacomm, etc.

NIT Durgapur

During the year 2017-18 47% placement was recorded for M.Tech CSE students. 

Past Recruiters: TCS, MAQ Software, Capgemini, etc. 

MNIT Jaipur

NIT Kurukshetra

During the year 2017-18 82% placement was recorded for M.Tech Computer Science students. The highest package was 28lpa, average was 6.70lpa, median was 5.5lpa and lowest being 3.5lpa.

Past Recruiters: Paytm, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, etc.

NIT Silchar


NIT Hamirpur

MANIT Bhopal

During the year 2017-18 75% placement was recorded for the M.Tech Computer Science department. The highest package was 10lpa, average was 6.06lpa and lowest being 4lpa.

Past Recruiters: Wipro, Reliance, Capgemini, etc.

NIT Meghalaya

NIT Agartala

NIT Jalandhar

NIT Jamshedpur

NIT Patna

NIT Manipur


Placement Statistics for 2019-20

Highest Package: 22 LPA

Average: 8.5 LPA

Lowest: 5 LPA

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